About Us

The need to adapt coal stoves and water heaters to gas burning units provided an opportunity for a new industry. The Holyoke Heater Corporation, started in Massachusetts, was a pioneer in the manufacture of the conversion burners and elements needed as natural gas became available to residential consumers in the early parts of the Twentieth century. As a by-product of its manufactured units it also distributed a line of flare and compression fittings needed to make the complete installation.

With the increased popularity of gas stoves and water heaters, primarily after World War II, Holyoke became primarily a supplier of fittings and gas accessories to the plumbing industry. In the fifties, a group of investors purchased the company and moved it to Hartford, Connecticut under the name of the Holyoke Heater Corporation of Connecticut, Inc.

In 1964, the general manager of Holyoke, Curt Warner, and the owner of Holyoke’s largest supplier, Allan Rodolitz, purchased the company and continued operating it in Hartford. Holyoke moved to its current location to reduce transportation costs and improve inventory efficiencies. In 1972, the name was changed to Holyoke Fittings, Inc. to better define Holyoke business operation.

Currently under the ownership of Allan Rodolitz and Jeffrey Rodolitz, Holyoke distributes fittings to the plumbing, heating, air-conditioning and refrigeration industries. It specializes in tube, hose and pipe fittings and also inventories some plumbing specialties. Holyoke’s state of the art manufacturing facility and MRP system insures the highest industry fill rate and rapid order turn-around time. The customer service staff’s and sales staff’s product knowledge allow Holyoke to efficiently handle all of its customer’s needs and inquiries.